Google Launches Flutter, a UI Framework for Building Apps on Android and iOS

What is Flutter Actually
Flutter is a mobile-app UI Framework, which was made by Google. Flutter is used to make applications such as Android, iOS, and also created an application for Google Fuchsia. Flutter had a first name called “Sky” which started working on Android operating systems. Flutter was made in the year 2015 in a company called Dart Developer Summit, as it goes to 120 frames per second.

During the Google Developer days which were located in Shanghai, Google then spoke about Flutter
realize trailer 2 in which it is the last before flutter 1.0. Flutter was first released on December 4th, 2018. It was realized in a live event, which was selling their first cables version of the cover frame.
The flutter app is written in a language called Dart, thus, it makes different types of languages in more advanced futures. The flutter language is written in a language called C++, which will give low-level support by using Google Skia graphics library.

Here are some of the advantages of Flutter, which will be mentioned below:

1) It has a fast code writer: For users, Flutter means it is the most faster mobile app. So many
people can change their codes and see then straight away in their app.

2) One Code for two Platforms: Normally users will write just one code for two apps which
includes Android and IOS.

3) We have less testing: if you have two apps in one site, that means it is less testing! It's only the quality which will be faster.


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