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Internet of things (IOT) ....! by SibliCode

As we all known aware that technologies are now developing at a rapid pace. Today we will learn some ways that how IoT plays a significant role in our business..!!! So, the internet of things is one of the biggest trends emerging nowadays as we know all technological devices can be connected to the
internet and to each other also. So, the internet of things is basically the interconnection of devices over the

internet, it allows devices to communicate with us, with applications, and with many other devices.
There are some important advantages of IoT mentioned below -
Business Opportunities: IOT build strong business cases increase return on investment and offer
opportunities for new business by introducing a new way to interact with customers, production,
workflow, etc. it helps companies to benefit by offering the practical solutions evolved by advanced
business services and models.
Enhance productivity: IoT provide real-time training to employees, help them to create better
coordination with clients or with a team also which reduces the chances mismatch of skills. And
automatically the productivity will increase when the requirement will meet the expectations.
Security: security is major concern, but doesn’t worry IoT provides multi-layer security features to protect the data and your privacy. Basically, it always indicates that the things that have an internet connection are permeable to hack.


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