Familliar with DevOps????

DevOps word in itself is a combination of two words one is Development and other is Operations. DevOps is a collaboration of  Development and Operation’s it is not an application or any tool it just provides development and operation process.  DevOps represents a great change in the IT culture   DevOps has become one of the most valuable business disciplines for the enterprises. with the help of DevOps, quality, and speed of application delivery have improved very much.  Developers do not feel work pressure and can build new code in less time.
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There are some important aspects of DevOps

ESM (Enterprise Systems Management):  administrators are involved in this phase. These experts brought the key ESM practices to DevOps like configuration management, automated provisioning, system monitoring, and the toolchain approach, etc.

Agile Development: DevOps can be considered as an outgrowth of the agile. It is simply extending the Agile principles beyond boundaries of the code to the entire delivered services.