C#....! ----> C Sharp, What's this..? Answer by Siblicode.

C# is one of the most convenient programming languages among them all. Today, you will be
introduced to some basics of the C# programming language......!!!

C# language is also recognized as C sharp language. C# is a programming language of .Net
Framework; it is one of the most popular programming languages introduced by Microsoft,
especially used as the language that runs in the backend. It is used to develop software for the
Microsoft platform but also used to develop software for, Android, Linux, and iOS systems as
well. C# is highly multilateral and can be used to create a tone of projects, including but not
limited to mobile apps, enterprise software, cloud-based services, and games.
Also, it enables developers to build solutions for the wide range of clients, including Microsoft
Windows Forms-based applications Web applications, and smart-client devices. The purpose of
C# is a programming language that is easy to learn and supports modern-day functionality for
all kind of software development.