Know about jQuery, Why its compulsory for frontend developer

It is important for website developers to learn jQuery because it is
worth the effort, time, and money and especially includes a key
component of HTML5. This library can offer some really stunned out
effects on your website, which will definitely bring success. jQuery has
all the tools you need to build a website or web app that is interactive
and highly engaging we will start with Jquery !!!!

As we know, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library that
simplifies the interaction between an HTML/CSS document, or more
precisely the DOM and JavaScript. jQuery proves easy to learn and
intuitive as the library is built using simpler and shorter codes.

Web developers especially use JavaScript to fetch the required
functionality to websites which they have to create, and it proves to be
one of the best tools that offer a great deal of flexibility and power to
web designers. You will find an Infinitude list of resources and
information about jquery on the internet working with this popular
language so, you won't have a shortage of any resources you will easily
find whatever you need and have all your questions answered. You can
easily add plugins, promotes saving of time and efforts. jQuery has
plenty of impressive effects, which is basically used by web designers to
make their designs much lovable and more elegant.