The .Net framework - basic info by SibliCode

The .Net framework is a software development platform
developed by Microsoft The framework was meant to create
applications, which helps to run on the Windows Platform. The
framework favors various programming languages such as Visual
Basic and C#. So developers can choose and select the language
to develop the required applications. It’s the most popular platform
used for a lot of various types of applications as it provides the
programming environment for the majority of software
development stages. The .NET Framework comprises a group of
standard class libraries. And a class library is a compilation of
methods and functions that can be used for the core purpose.
Developing applications using .Net framework is very substantial
and highly secure with great virtue. .NET framework best suits for
the businesses that look for a wide spectrum of features like
desktop software, web-based services, and cloud infrastructure
support. .Net platform helps in reducing development time,
creates merits, reliable, and gaugeable applications that ensure
smooth functioning of intricate business applications. Hence, it
helps customer to ameliorate their business easily.